The Essence of Work – Masashi Mitsui Exhibition

The Essence of Work
Masashi Mitsui Exhibition

Pre-open for media November 5th – 8th. Open for public November 9th –

Welcome to our 3D exhibition

This is the virtual 3D photo exhibition for Masashi Mitsui. Please select “ENTER EXHIBITION” button under the title to start strolling around the gallery by yourself, or “START GUIDED TOUR” if you prefer a hands-free, auto-navigation of the exhibition.

We recommend you to switch to “Full screen” mode for the optimum experience. To switch to “Full screen”, please select “Enter Fullscreen” in the pop-up menu which you can open anytime by clicking the “More” (3-line) icon at the top right of the 3D gallery window.

For more information about how to navigate and control, please select “Help” button in the pop up menu.

To inquire about the prices for the works, please contact us at our online store here.

For the other works by Masashi Mitsui, please visit his official website.

The virtual 3D gallery is powered by Kunstmatrix. This exhibition can be also viewed at the Kunstmatrix web site. If you have any issues not being able to see the art works at our website, please try the one at Kunstmatrix website:

Enjoy the exhibition.

Virtual 3D exhibition team 
Photographers Associates Tokyo