Tatsuo Ito
Representative of Photographers Associates Tokyo

1975 – Joined Nikkei Inc.
1988 – Director, Nikkei Europe, Ltd.
2009 – President, Nikkei National Geographic Inc.
2012 – Founded Nikkei National Geographic Photo Award
2015 – Chairman, Nikkei National Geographic Inc.
2015 – Hosted ”SHASHIN Photography from Japan” symposium at New York Public Library, New York City, US
2017 – Retired from Nikkei National Geographic Inc. Founded PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATES TOKYO LLC, and became the representative.
2017 – Nikkei National Geographic Photo Award will receive Japanese Professional Photographers Society’s Award.

Activities 2017

Managed Ryo Minemizu’s critically acclaimed solo photo exhibition at Foto Care Gallery, New York City.
Ryo Minemizu Official Website | Project Overview

Supported multiple photographers through the promotion of their works to overseas galleries.

Previous years

Organized, designed and produced New York solo exhibitions featuring the work of photographers from Japan(annually since 2012)

Served 8 years at Nikkei National Geographic Inc. from 2009 as President, then as Chairman. Founded Nikkei National Geographic Photo Award in 2012, with the objective to raise awareness of documentary photography from Japan. This included an annual solo exhibition in New York City for the Grand Prix winner, providing up-and-coming Japanese photographers with an opportunity for international exposure.

The Grand Prix of the first year was awarded to photographer Takayuki Maekawa, whose solo exhibition was held at Steven Kasher Gallery at Chelsea, New York City. The exhibition was well attended and received critical acclaim from media worldwide.

Managed all activities with the partner galleries for the annual exhibitions, as well as publicity and marketing support, and production of enhanced websites for the photographers. The platform provided through this prize is an invaluable marketing tool for photographers who wish to advance their work in the global marketplace.

Nikkei National Geographic Inc., a joint-venture of National Geographic Partners of US and Nikkei Inc. of Japan, is a world-famous publishing company and magazine that since 1888 has harnessed the power of significant photography to help educate and inspire people to learn about different cultures and care about our planet. The company publishes books on photographic techniques and documentary photobooks. It also hosts photography classes.


Organized and managed a symposium in collaboration with Ivan Vartanian, Naoko Ota and Takeshi Thornton, who are well-versed in photography from Japan. The symposium was part of Shashin: Photography From Japan, a multi-institution program aimed to raise awareness of photography from Japan in New York, foster an exchange of ideas, and stimulate discussion.

The highly successful symposium was held for two days at The New York Public Library, New York City, featuring in-depth discussions about the unique characteristics of photography from Japan in categories that included: photobooks, history, and the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Spirited discussions took place with over 20 participants, including professors at US/Japan universities specializing in photography from Japan as well as curators. Presentations by Naoya Hatakeyama and Daisuke Yokota – photographers from Japan – were also favorably received.


Planning photo gallery in offices, Proposals and operations

Design and management of a photo gallery in “Company T’s” meeting room.

Facilitate the mounting of beautiful and uplifting photographs, including artworks by some of Japan’s most celebrated practitioners, in meeting rooms and other public areas of leading companies and organizations. The work of these artists serves to energize the atmosphere and stimulate creativity and innovative thinking. Provide advice to businesses for the gallery environment that best fits the company’s corporate image – from the interior design stage to installation.