• Establish relationships between photographers and the business community.
  • Support photographers’ international outreach and activities.
  • Introduce photographers from Japan to overseas photography-related institutions: galleries, media, publishers, museums, etc.
  • Facilitate effective use of photography to help businesses and institutions with their corporate messaging and branding.
  • Support publishers with promotions for their photography publications.
  • Rebuild photographers’ websites.
  • Consult with photographers and help manage the advancement of their careers.
  • Write reports / publish books on photography.


New Japanese photography is a unique form of expression and sentiment. Japan’s state-of-the-art digital cameras have contributed to the explosion of photography in post-war Japan and the birth of a new visual language reflecting the diversity of Japanese culture and the natural world. Japanese photo books are supported by an exquisite sense of design, printing and production that showcase the uniqueness of Japanese photographs.

We aim to capitalize on Japan’s high quality photography market by accelerating its growth and visibility internationally through corporate partnerships.

Businesses recognize the power of the photograph to communicate creative and dynamic messages about their mission and activities. We connect businesses with some of Japan’s most talented practitioners to explore ways they can use photography to bring a sense of creativity, beauty, and inspiration into their corporate environments.

In the global art marketplace, photography based on the nature and culture of Japan is appreciated today more than ever before. However, few Japanese photographers have the means to connect their art with society and the world.

Through bringing photographers and global businesses together we make these connections possible to the benefit of all parties.

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