Ryo Minemizu Solo Photo Exhibition

We produced a solo photo exhibition of Ryo Minemizu at Foto Care Gallery, New York City, in June 2017.

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The Secret World of Plankton, a solo exhibition by Ryo Minemizu, one of Japan’s emerging stars in the field of marine life photography, and the recently announced Grand Prize Winner of the 5th Annual Nikkei National Geographic Photo Prize, was held at Foto Care in New York.

This marks Ryo’s first exhibition in the United States and the fifth anniversary of this prestigious award, the mission of which is to raise the profile of promising Japanese photographers globally.

The show will feature 24 spectacular photographs, including 3 large-scale works, which capture in meticulous detail the beauty and complexity of plankton – tiny living things measuring about 2mm to 15mm that float and drift in our planet’s oceans and other bodies of water. Apart from bacteria, these plants, animals, and other kind of organisms are the most abundant life form on earth and play a critical role in the marine food chain.

About the Artist:

Ryo Minemizu, winner of the 5th Annual Nikkei National Geographic Photo Award, has been an underwater photographer for over 20 years, capturing the beauty of microorganisms in the oceans of Japan. He studied tide and wind direction consistantly until he created the perfect method for capturing the larval plankton reaching the coast to transform to their next stage. Although Minemizu considers himself a scientific photographer, he wishes to share the preciousness and beauty of life to a wider audience through this exhibition.

To learn more about Ryo Minemizu, visit his website: http://www.ryo-minemizu.com

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